Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Character Artwork With Tissue Paper

This is a supplementary post for "Getting Your Young Child to Write."

To decorate a character start by creating an outline of the character.  I created mine using Microsoft Word.  After typing the character, I enlarged the character and then (by going to the font tab) I selected "outline".  This created a hallow character my kids could fill in with tissue paper, buttons, beans, or fill in with crayons and markers.

If you are less tech-savvy, you can simple draw out an outline of the character.

For this art project, we glued tissue paper onto the outline.  I recommend that you do this with kids ages 5 and up.  I tried it with my four year old and she tried and had fun, but it didn't come out so well.  My five-year old was more successful.

Remember the point of this project isn't to make a beautiful picture (although that is nice, too).  It's to help the kids focus on the parts of the character.  As you will notice above, we used different colors for the different parts of the character, which really allows us to see the different components (such as 艹 and 人).

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