Sunday, February 5, 2012

Balloon Extravaganza

Balloon Extravaganza- I just tried this one with with a group of kids ranging in age from 4-6 years and it went really well.  Blow up a bunch of balloons; we had 10 balloons for 7 kids.  Then, use a thick permanent marker to write a Chinese character along with the pronunciation. 

If you are teaching colors, think about whether you want the color of the balloon to match the character.  For kids who are learning color vocabulary, color-coding the balloons may be a great idea; however, if you are targeting reading skills, you should avoid matching the names of the colors with the same colored balloon.

Have your kid hit the balloons into the air until you say "stop."  Then ask them to pick up one balloon and read it.

Ridiculously simple, but a lot of fun!  Best of all, you can have many repetitions and get lots of practice in while playing this "game."

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