Thursday, February 2, 2012

Create Your Own Handwriting Sheets-Hanlexon

Create Your Own Handwriting Sheets-This website was free up until September 2012.  I very much enjoyed it.  However, now it requires a membership fee.  Here is another awesome free website- Hanzi Grids.

"Hanlexon believes that only you know what your kids/students need to practice in order to learn Chinese efficiently, so we give you this tool to:
  • Create and save worksheets and lessons out of any Chinese text.
  • Annotate your text with pinyin and/or stroke orders.
  • Share and search Chinese learning material.
  • Create flash cards and big-sized worksheets.
  • Browse what's popular in Hanlexon.
  • Scamble Game Added!" 
Here's a sample worksheet of numbers 1-10:

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