Monday, February 18, 2013

春 Character

Spring is coming!  It's time to take down all the paper snowflakes filling your windows and replace them with some simple paper-cutting decorations!

A fairly simple one is the character (chūn, spring).  First, print the file below.


You'll notice that half the character is missing.  That's ok, the idea of this handout is to have your Learner engaged in the making of this character.  This will help him/her remember the strokes that make up the character better.

There are several ways to use this worksheet:
1)  The easiest thing to do is to fold the paper in half so that the blank half of the character is hidden.  Then ask your Learner to hold the paper up to a mirror and look at the character.  What do they see?  Why did this work?  (Hint: this character is symmetrical.)

2)  Have your Learner draw, color, or decorate the character in order to fill-in the missing side.  They can use crayons, paint, play-dough, pipe-cleaners, glue and glitter, stamps, invisible ink, whatever you can think of!  Be creative!

3)  Have your Learner fold the paper in half so that the blank half is hidden.  Then cut out the outline.  When done, unfold the paper and see your beautiful 春 character!  NOTE:  You will see this character written in a couple of ways.  If you cut out the printout, you will see the right "leg" of the character (not printed) will begin on the middle horizontal line.  Sometimes, this character is written with the same leg extending from the bottom horizontal line instead.

An additional resource that I would recommend for very young Learners is the Lacing activities below.
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