Monday, July 9, 2012

LingoSpring Chinese Memory Game

LingoSpring was developed by an entrepreneur to help Chinese Language Learners practice recognizing characters. As you've probably guessed from the post's title, LingoSpring is a new twist on Memory.  Aside from the typical settings you would expect from a Chinese-based game like this, there is also a setting that allows you match simplified characters to their traditional counterpart!

LingoSpring will allow you to create your own personalized word list.  However, it also comes with a built-in character list arranged by frequency of use.  This is wonderful because if you have a student who has just started learning Chinese, you can quickly access beginning-level characters and jump right into playing. 

Inside each game of Memory is the ability to add a character to a "Focus List."  This is your personalized list of words that you want to review more closely.  Once you have a minimum of 12 characters in this list, you can play a game that randomly selects 12 characters from this list to play memory with or study.

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