Monday, January 30, 2012

Mini-Book 1- 妹妹有娃娃

妹妹有娃娃 (Mèimei yǒu wáwá; Mei-Mei has a doll/baby)- This is the first in what I hope to be a series of short pre-primers for children just learning to read (To locate other Mini-Books, click on the "Mini-Book" label on the right hand side of the web page.).  I have to admit that I "stole" this idea from my son's public school kindergarten teacher.  Every week she sends home a short paper book that has repetitive sentences in them.  At first I was confused how these monotonous story we going to help my child learn to read English; however, I am impressed by how they have given my son confidence, reinforced his ability to put a sound to each letter, and improved his ability to sight-read (recognize common words).

So I've taken this technique and modified it.  I consider this a pre-step to reading longer stories in Chinese.  Since my children have minimal exposure to Chinese, this series of books will help them establish grammar structure, help them practice sounding out (using the pronunciation guide for characters they are unfamiliar with), and allow them to practice recognition of characters they are learning to read without the pronunciation guide.

This first Mini-Book practices the . . . . . .  (yǒu. . . yě yǒu. . .; have . . . also have . . .) grammar structure.  It is a large file (20kb) so give it time to load.  Future Mini-Books are not so large.  When you print, print on both sides of the paper.  Page 2 prints on the back of page 1, etc.  Then stack the pages so that when they are folded along the center line, the page numbers proceed in numeric order.

妹妹有娃娃- traditional characters with 注音符
妹妹有娃娃- simplified characters with 漢語拼音 (Hànyǔ Pīnyīn)

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