Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chutes and Ladders

Here's another great opportunity to review ㄅㄆㄇㄈ and Chinese numbers.  Print off the pdf below, and then follow these directions:

1.  After printing, cut and tape the four board pieces together.
2.  Next cut out the ㄅㄆㄇㄈ cards and the dice.  Cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines.  Then tape the die together to form a cube.
3.  Use anything you have in the house for the playing pieces (Legos, erasers, marker lids, etc.).

This version of Chutes and Ladders is played similarly to the original version with a few extra twist:
  1. Roll the die and move the indicated number of spaces.  
  2. Next, blindly choose a ㄅㄆㄇㄈ card.  If the card is read correctly, you stay on that spot.  If not, then go back 2 spaces.  
  3. If you roll the die and land at the bottom of a ladder, you cannot go up unless you get the sound correct.  
  4. If you land at the top of a chute, you must go down before reading your card.  If you misread the card, go back an additional 2 spaces.
  • If your child is overwhelmed by the number of ㄅㄆㄇㄈ letters, limit the number you play with and just focus on a few letters at a time.  You can print of extra of the cards you need or just spread them upside down on the table and draw them randomly as in "Go Fish."
  • You could also use this to review radicals or characters; just make your own cards.
  • Need to move the game along a little faster to keep your child's attention?  Print off two dice and roll both to determine how far a piece will travel.

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