Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Learning 100 Chinese Radicals

Learning 100 Chinese Radicals- This is a wonderful site to help reinforce the radicals you are teaching.  Not all the radicals are examined in this website, but the 100 that are displayed are gone over in detail.  Each character review contains three parts:  Basic Info, Exercise 1, and Exercise 2.

In Basic Info, the meaning, ancient script (original character), and pronunciation (audio and pinyin) are provided.  In addition, the stand-alone radical and how it can be seen within other characters is provided.  The stroke order of these characters and their component pieces can be played as an animation.

Exercises 1 and 2 all vary slightly.  The opportunity is given to look for the radical component pieces inside other characters.  This is done in isolated characters and in photographs.  Some exercises ask you deduce the meanings of novel characters based on the radical components within them.  Other exercises ask you to deduce the pronunciation based on the components of novel characters.

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