Tuesday, November 15, 2011

YouTube Videos about Charactes and Radicals

YouTube Videos- Don't ignore the power of videos to help teach kids the connections between really objects, the ancient forms of characters, and the way in which those same characters are written today.  Below is a small selection of what you can find.

1.Imvolunteer's YouTube Videos- This are an awesome resource, especially if your child is a visual learner.  The videos made by "Imvolunteer" provide an excellent opportunity to really show your child how radicals have been changed and adapted into today's characters.  Below are some of the links to these videos:

2.  Unknown Creators . . . or at least they are unknown to me.  The video(s) below has/have been uploaded by several people so I'm not sure who is the actual author of the video.  It's very well done and is a great way to reinforce characters your child is studying.  This particular video really makes Chinese come alive!

3.  Yu Ji has created some wonderful videos detailing characters.  The author lists his/her email as "asi2004asi@hotmail.com."

  • Keep Looking for More!  And don't forget to share (in the Comment Section below) any other videos you find helpful for studying characters and radicals.
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